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What Is It?

Never again lose website visitors who take no action. With SiTelligence, you own the data - not a third-party. Thanks to identity resolution, you aren't targeting an IP or a expiring cookie, you're targeting a real person for true, omni-channel marketing. It also opens up the ability to use email, direct mail or outbound phone calls, online ads even streaming TV allowing you to reach your site's visitors on your terms and in your time-frame.

If we could give you prospects who are, right now, InMarket – actively pursuing what you sell …could you CLOSE them?

This is what your website visitors look like now...

This is what they could look like with SiTelligence...

What is identity resolution?

Basically, identity resolution connects online behavior to a users personal identity. This is done by reconciling all the data points from one party to another to create a composite, which in turn provide marketers with a complete view of a client’s identity as well as their journey. Identity resolution also offers an insight-oriented, data driven, people-based marketing. With this ability, marketers will be able to target customers even if the same customer switches from being a mobile user to the desktop user. And ultimately, it will enhance ROI of any online business.

At the center: the identity graph

Details such as email addresses, device ID, phone numbers, cookie data, and some behavioral information such as website visits or purchases make up the data that is plotted against an identity graph. While the outcome of the graph can be used to identify a customer, the information matched with other data on the graph via algorithm can be used to generate a probabilistic match. A smarter way to do this is through the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, considering that both uses the actions of users, such as payment via credit card, to get a deterministic match. To achieve this, all what a brand has to do is to provide a customized experience with more relevancy to the customers.


Determine the identity of your website guests without an opt-in as well as collate and evaluate their behavior during a pre and post-click period on your site. With this insight, change the previously unknown website traffic into a useful First-party data which can be used personally or sold to non-competitive brands. Erase the control which sophisticated providers such as Facebook or google possess on your gains permanently by owning the data which they used to manage. Possess the capacity to establish InMarket similar targeting lists by using un-encrypted First Party data that reduced your CPC by 25% to 75%.

SiTelligence – Target Only Buyers

Know who’s visited your site… they’re interested!

Behavior is better than demographics (see 3% Rule below!) – behavior drives knowing.

Be FIRST, Set Frame Control, Be Consistent – Multi-Touch, Multi-channel, Multi-Device,

The 3% Rule: Engage Customers First and Often To WIN

Only 3% of the population is in the market for what you sell at any given time.

ALL sales at your company…all sales at your competitors company are driven by the 3%.

These “SiTelligence” leads are the only targets WORTHY of your limited advertising budget.

SiTelligence allows you to:

Email - Send an automated email or a sequence of emails to your site visitors - regardless if they opted in or made a purchase! The data can be segmented by individual pages that each user has visited allowing you to customize the message / offer/ discount specifically to that user.

Direct Mail - Retarget via direct mail, even if you have not captured address information via form-fill. Send a postcard or personalized letter to re engage with visitors, offer a discount or to schedule a consultation.

Deploy call campaigns – Call your site visitors with a special offer or discount to re engage them or send them Ringless voicemails directly to their cell phones.

Create custom audiences and lookalike audiences – No more retargeting to anonymous cookies. Know who your user is and better understand their behaviors. Upload your data directly into multiple advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon and many others.

Further monetize your data and create cross-selling partners. Use your data to identify your users interests and in market data. Users identified as In the market for a house, car, mortgage, contractor etc.

Real People. Real Conversations.

Can you take action on what you’ve forgotten? How many ads can you remember from last week?

Marketing is a conversation that takes time and crosses many boundaries. SiTelligence gives you permanent, portable leads that allow multi-touch conversations through multi-channel and multi-device more effectively and at the lowest cost possible.

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STOP WASTING MONEY on the 97% that aren’t interested in what you have to offer and focus on the 3% currently looking.

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