Since The Dawn of Time, Social Proof Has Played
a Serious Part In Who Gets The Business.

Getting Featured In The Major Media Provides Instant Expert Status & Authority That
Gives You A Huge Advantage Over The Competition.


We get you featured on ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox News & others as a nationally recognized expert. You gain instant credibility & authority.


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Build Consumer Confidence

Credibility and social proof are major factors that influence consumers decisions on who they hire & choose to do business with. Our service gives you and your firm instant credibility by featuring you and our firm on ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox News nationally as a recognized expert in your field.

The Media Is Constantly Seeking Out Experts To Interview

Once an individual is published or cited in the major media, the chances of getting asked for an interview, comment etc goes up dramatically as reporters and the media are naturally attracted to those who have been in the major media before.

Position Yourself As An Authority... Even a Celebrity, In Your Field

Authority marketing helps businesses leverage their knowledge to gain expert status in their industry. This authority status amplifies your message and converts your audience into paying customers.

Build & Strengthen Your Brand Authority

Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is one of the most important things you can do to increase your perceived value in the market place. Authority marketing is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

What our customers have to say...

"'I've been marketing online and offline for over 20 years… I have also spent over $10k on publicity that never got me a citation on any news site. This is a BARGAIN!'."

Holly Cotter, Author & Entrepreneur



"I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of persons contacting me about my products and services and viewing my profiles on my various social media sites. Also within 8 days of adding the media logos to my picture my book sales doubled! I am very happy with the amount of exposure, interest and business having the media logos on my picture is generating for me"

Rebecca Noel, Author


This Complete Done-For You Service Includes Everything Below

  • Guaranteed Major Media Placement

    You will be featured on dozens of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX news affiliates across the entire USA promoting your business.

  • Get Published On Financial Feeds

    You will be featured in dozens of financial feeds in publications such as Miami Herald,, The News Tribune, Charlotte Observer, San Diego Tribune and many others

  • Newspapers & Major News Sites

    Placement in the Digital Journal, International Business Times, Salt Lake Tribune, The Daily Herald, Buffalo Tribune & Many Others

  • Include A Video

    Many of our submissions will accept a video for publication and syndication.

  • Get a Big SEO Boost

    Not only will you get great exposure but each publication will provide a valuable backlink from trusted media outlets as well as industry and financial journals.

  • Full Reporting

    A full report outlining all 300+ major media and news sites where you are featured.

  • Guaranteed Google News Inclusion

    You Will Be Found In Google News

  • Top Notch Customer Service

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand by our services 100% and guarantee everything we do.

  • Website & Social Media Ready!

    We will provide the major media logos and even edit your profile photo to include the “as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox” logos making this a complete done-for-you Major Media package

  • Bonus Social Media Promotion

    We will share your featured media release across over 50 social networks for increased visibility & SEO value.

All Done Within 10 Business Days!

Most PR Firms Will Charge $3-5,000 For This Powerful Service.

Over the last year more than a hundred businesses have happily paid $1,500 for this service.

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100% Money Back No-Risk Guarantee!

We are so confident that we can get you in the Major media that for your added reassurance we are offering a 100% money back no-risk guarantee if we can’t get you published and cited on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX News within 10 business days of our interview.