Why Does a Gorgeous Website Crave Traffic?

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July 21, 2021

Why Does a Gorgeous Website Crave Traffic?

Building and customizing a website takes a great deal of focus and dedication. Once your site is complete, there are many important traffic and marketing strategies to strongly consider. So, before you say, “I’m ready to show off my new, dazzling website,” make certain to read every word on this blog post!

TRAFFIC. Web traffic that is. This is critical to the success of your website. Having website traffic can equate to having more leads, customers, and money in your pocket. There are many strategies for obtaining web traffic. Luckily, we have clearly outlined a few of them for you below!

Web Traffic Strategy #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How many times per week do you perform a Google search? If you’re on the web, like most of us, you probably search for many things. From the local bakery shop, to a leading dentist or roofing expert, web search is the #1 way for us to retrieve digital information. Therefore, needless to say, it is imperative that your website is properly optimized for visitors using two main components: Off Page SEO and On Page SEO. 

Web Traffic Strategy #2: Like, Comment, Share!
Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another desired social media website, a great deal of traffic is ready to be generated. The first step is to make sure that you’ve created a social media profile for your website. Remember to include a link to your website and fill out relevant profile information. When posting on social media, use photos and updates that encourage likes, comments and shares. Getting your fans involved will provide more social “juice” and potential traffic to your website!

Web Traffic Strategy #3: Pay Per Click (PPC)
Want to show up on page 1 of Google quickly? With Pay Per Click (PPC) this is possible by signing up with Google Adwords. There are other PPC networks as well such as Yahoo and Bing/MSN. PPC involves creating various campaigns with small ads that appear on the top or side of search result pages. There are many factors that influence the prominence of your ad such as bid amount, relevancy and budget. However, getting clicks from these ads are sure to reel in the traffic. Don’t wait, learn more today about Pay Per Click Services!

Web Traffic Strategy #4: E-mail Marketing
Building an email list and sending e-newsletters or blasts are effective techniques for bringing in traffic. So how do you get started? First thing is to build your contact list with prospects and customers. An “opt in” type of web form can be added to your site or you can have people agree to get added to your list. It is suggested to get their permission in writing or via email to be as compliant as possible. As you build your permission based list, you can begin sending out emails in the form of newsletters, product specials, events or anything else that would be meaningful. A great tip is to link as many things as possible in the blast to your website (including pictures)!

So, as you can see, there are various strategies for bringing website traffic to your gorgeous website! There are other effective strategies as well. To learn more, please contact us today or call (877) 702-1971. The team at Tell All Digital looks forward to helping your website achieve success!

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